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George Hirst is a full weight…

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5 minutes ago, victorturner said:

Thought he was poor.no conviction in his shooting and poor anticipation of where Curtis was putting it

He wasn't poor in the first half. Showed real spark. But disappeared second, except for his dives. 

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Cheating little s*it throwing himself down when through on goal, certainly doesn’t take after his dad in that respect… or any other respect for that matter. Ran around a lot and caused our makeshift defence a few problems in the first 15 minutes but after that he looked every part the lower league striker that he is.


Can you imagine if we’d given him a first team wage.

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2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


its like listening to a therapy meeting of jilted lovers 

He didn’t help himself the way he threw himself to the floor tonight



Im sure he’d have got a thread like this regardless, but I don’t like any player trying to win fouls like that 

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