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Fair enough, a red card in today’s game. I’ve seen far worse tackles though. There was a late challenge on Gregory (I think) in our 6 yard box that went unpunished, it’s the inconsistency that frustrates me. And the reaction from Curtis was just embarrassing.

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4 hours ago, hirstys_achilles said:

Red card no argument. But the pompey player banging on the turf was embarrassing. 

Anyone who ever been in injured in a tackle know if you really hurt you down don't move. 

It seems to get worse every season players play acting to get the red card out as punishment. 

Agree broke my arm playing football i could not move never mind act like that 

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100% red card, said it to my mate straight away with our view behind the net, was so rash. But he's a full weight bell isn't he that Curtis? Got Grealish vibes about him, players you'd love to boot in the air. Just a shame this boot in the air has cost us our most influential player for 3 games

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17 hours ago, sammo said:

I might be wrong but I think he's missed every Christmas period with us either with injury or suspension... I remember QPR fans mentioned this before - I think this is pretty suspicious!


One other suspicious "timed bookings" comes to mind...


Didn't Carbone get booked for arguing with the referee about nothing near the Wednesday corner flag?


Consequently, he got a suspension over the Christmas period which freed the diary for him to go home!

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16 hours ago, wakefieldowl said:

I agree. I didnt think it was dangerous and no different to the hunt one.

What really pees me off is that thrower curtis reaction. Watch it again, its embarassing. He hits the floor several times in utter agony. Hands on his face as the pain is so unbearable.

Red card given and up he gets......pretends it hurts still with the obligatory limp as he goes off.

Then, its a miracle ! As soon as hes off the pitch, hes cured !! Comes back on sprinting with no ill effects whatsoever.

So glad we hung on and he wasnt rewarded fir his over acting.

Sad tning is they all do it

Deginition of a modern footballer is a cheating wimp

Their player should have been booked for acting like that.  Once the ref saw him sprinting moments later, he should have got the yellow card out.  Absolutely hate the play acting and needs stamping out of the game. 


He would be more at home as an extra on Casualty.  

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