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Name players that have signed and proven you wrong

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One that stands out for me in particular is Sam Hutchinson. Came with a horrendous injury record and yeah he’s had more than his fair share whilst he’s been here, but one of the best players we’ve signed since we got relegated from the premier league IMO.

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Players I thought might be the finishing touch but weren't?


Woods. Jeffers always instantly spring to mind. 


Players I expected little from but who surprised with sterling performances?


Viv Anderson, I thought he'd be past it.



Pearson, an absolute steal from Shrewsbury.


Tudguy won me over. I'd never heard of him and his first half dozen games he strolled about as if he had no interest in the game. 

Ended up a favourite of mine.

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Lloyd Owusu.

Thought it was exciting that half the Championship seemed to be after him when we signed him.

Famously scored with his first touch in front of the Kop v Sheffield United, I was not the only one who thought he would tun into a real crowd favourite with his raise the roof celebration.

Didn't score for ages after that though, was very lightweight and seemed to be sick from nerves behind the goal most weeks.

Was glad when he finally left.

Reminds me of some women I have been out with , a big letdown!

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I also thought Simon Donnelly would be a great signing.  He was very good at Celtic as an attacking midfielder. He was woeful for us.


On the plus side, my Owlstalk username was born by Peter Shreeves referring to him, O'Donnell and Scott as 'the three mcmigo's'



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3 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

I thought Lewis McGugan was tailor-made for our team at the time.


I didn't really take into account his 'laidback attitude' towards his career, though.


tbf he was decent on loan under Gray, got player of the month a couple of times and looked very decent.

I don't know why we signed him permanently as Gray was fired and he didn't seem to fit what Carlos wanted to do

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Countless players who didn't live up to their previous best, notable ones would be Abdi, Rhodes, Wing.


Ones who proved me wrong are Bannan and Wallace. Thought they were just mediocre championship fodder but both got us extremely close to promotion twice.

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