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New Keeper idea - Christy Pym?

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It's clear that Wildsmith is bobbar


Dawson is doing great in a league lower but turns into a nervous wreck playing for us and makes too many errors.


Communication and organization a big issue for both of them.


BPF has made a season's worth of mistakes already but is easily the best of the 3 based on all round ability. Problem is he's not even ours.


If possible I'd look at sending BPF back in January and signing Christy Pym from Peterborough - proven at this level, promoted out of it, 31 clean sheets in 78 League One games


Frozen out at PUFC for chucking a boot at Ferguson, so available for transfer...must be a deal to be done. 


26 years old


If it can't be done then we have to leave Dawson at Exeter to get the experience he needs and continue with BPF

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11 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



That's me sold then

Are Gary Madine and Nile Ranger available too?



Most likely - they usually are


I know you're just being facetious, but still...he's a very different character to those.


He's a proven keeper with a great record at this level and has never had this kind of issue before - everyone makes mistakes.


If we could get him on a free by taking over his contract I think it'd be great business.

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