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Well this is awkward isn't it...

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not surprised brown was awful as a wide centre back again . was awful the time before .

was thinking I was wise for wanting to play agbonatoma instead,but he came on and was sloppy and gave it away in dangerous areas ..



Brennan ,dunkley Palmer all decent ...

Johnson back soon 

hutch? ,iorfa? who knows ..


Paterson ..if desperate 


brown just no....




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Wildsmith's legs were moving rapidly but he wasn't actually going anywhere. It was like watching a glitch in FIFA 96.


Also, I appreciate he had virtually no time to think about it, but in that situation he should have just dropped on the ball. Better to concede an indirect freekick for a backpass than watch the ball go into the net.


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Poor back pass but the more I watch it the more it looks like Wildsmith couldn’t be bothered trying to keep it out.


Poor all round, starting from Wing passing it backwards yet again.

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