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The Derby saga part XXIV


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Honestly struggling to pick a side to bat for in this entire story.


Gibson’s an arseh*le.


Derby are absolutely rank.


We’re both mismanaged ourselves and also been repeatedly wronged by clubs taking the p*ss, including Derby. 


It’s been like that for us for 20 years and nobody has ever given a sh*t. 

The modern game stinks.


My days of thinking “wouldn’t wish that on anyone” are gone. Call it selfish, call it unsporting, whatever. I think the current game needs drastic reform and change and maybe it’s time that for clubs bigger than Macclesfield and Bury to start going before people pay attention. 

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1 hour ago, mildatheart67 said:



Boro fans and gloating and cheering on their chairman.


All because they f*cked up on the pitch a few seasons back.


No mark scummy club.


I would be mortified if we were pursuing this sort of legal action.

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Every passing statement from Mr Gibson makes him look more and more like a petulant child 


Why he believes Derbys administrators should make information from the HMRC available to him is beyond me,  I’ll give him one thing …. It’s not totally down to his actions why Derby will struggle to exit admin , but to Chuck his toys out of the pram and accept no blame whatsoever is petulant at best 

You wasn’t good enough to make the play offs that year,  dry your eyes and get on with it ,  maybe concentrate on achieving it this year 

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What I think Gibson is onto however is that

1) The administrators were appointed by Mel Morris and have historical ties with Mel Morris

2) Derby’s stadium is under separate ownership (to a Mel Morris owned company), which is not in administration 


I don’t for one moment think Gibson wants to liquidate Derby.  Administration means pain (x p per pound) for all creditors.  I think he wants to ensure Morris suffers same pain as everyone and doesn’t circumvent this via the stadium ownership. 

For what it’s worth I think 


1) Boro’s claim is farcical 

2) Both Morris and Gibson are first rate lady bits 

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Honestly, I think they're doomed.


Just can't see how this turns out any other way.


Far too many variables and one too many c*nts around the table - Gibson, Morris and so forth.


Gibson raises some interesting and valid points regarding the role of Morris and the fact he appointed the administrators and still owns the stadium.


But his and Boros claim is utterly embarrassing. Smacks of a petty man with a chip on his shoulder, lashing out because he f*cked up when they got relegated last time by appointing Garry Monk, Tony Pulis among others. How any Boro fan can sit there and applaud as their clubs plays its part in liquidating a fellow club is beyond me. 


Anyway, looks like another EFL club will end up slaughtered. Good to see FFP and the ownership test are working a treat. And before anyone crows on about the clubs signing up to FFP, I actually recently saw a tweet from the Accrington chairman where he claimed the clubs were pretty much strong armed into it by the Premier League. Solidarity payments were used as bribery.


Still, fairness in football or someit.

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I'd love to know what Boro have offered to compromise the claim.


They were wanting 45 million?


So...you've got the party your suing on the verge of going out of business. Offer them to settle for half? Just the 20 odd million then to pay up?


Cause Morris put the club into admin, I'd assume he no longer has any liability and any compensation agreement would have to be met by the prospective owners? Who in their right mind would be agreeable to that?


I do somewhat agree though that Morris and the administrators are trying to use these lawsuits to deflect from other reasons as to why the club is on the verge of liquidation. 

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34 minutes ago, Ever the pessimist said:

 On the contrary, I predict they’ll be saved and end up more healthy than Wednesday are. Typically.

I concur 


it’s all about Morris taking a very sizeable hit on his £81 million stadium valuation ... like rent free for 20 years or well below £20 million


Gibson just after a Pyrrhic victory over Morris 


Wycombe not serious players 





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