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thankfully the fa cup/pizza cup were the only game time some players were getting, so players like him and Sow will probably never play again for us. Windass, Paterson, Kamberi, Gregory are all infront of these 2 for striker positions so it would take some injury crisis for us to have to see these. Still not convinced in the slightest that Sow was a Moore signing, think that was a dodgy behind the scenes favour for a friend signing that

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14 hours ago, njh1968 said:

Not sure what the contract is, but hope its just until jan, shown very little 


13 hours ago, wakefieldowl said:

What is his contract, does anyone know?


1 year, plus 1 year extension from our side, I think I read somewhere.

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13 hours ago, Willie Henderson said:

I think it might be church related, maybe he's had a vision, maybe he's on a mission from God, but don't quote me on that.


I did wonder that myself last week when we signed Mendez Laing.

Is DM on a mission to save lost souls?

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14 hours ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Bang on what I said earlier. He’s very Jeffers like. Makes clever runs but no one is quite on his wavelength to find him in time. A couple of times in that first half, he was getting frustrated because teammates were far too slow to spot the run.


But unfortunately every other aspect of his game is weak, like Jeffers. Not very strong, doesn’t hold the ball up that well, not particularly skilful. 

Think he’d stand a chance in a better side but not here. 

I’d say those attributes are similar to Stevie May too. You could tell he had a great footballing brain but physically he had no gifts at all - managed to combine being small, weak and slow.

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To be fair to him, he was stuck in a foreign country and needed someone to come along to rescue him. Pay to relocate him back to the uk and give him a job. As a well passed it, pisspoor player, he did really well to find Daren. 

“Sign me boss and we’ll move on”


credit where credit’s due I say

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It seems those trying to hold onto some hope that Saido Berahino is going to come good, say he makes good runs and has good movement.


This is a phrase that gets banded about anytime a striker is utter garbage. I can remember Stevie May had good movement as did Jordan Rhodes.


End of the day any striker worth their wage is going to make good runs and have good movement. It is like saying a keeper has good handling.


No point in making good runs if you have no pace to get on the ball or no strength to hold defenders off, or finish like a 7 year old kid would with no power.


Look at Windass and Gregory - good movement and runs - it's what strikers have. But they have all the other aspects to a strikers game you need along with the literal basics of MOVING!


Berahino has been garbage for his whole career other then one season about a decade ago.


Just cancel the deal and play one of the U23s.


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