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Who is the worst manager to manage SWFC?

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Most clubs have some poor managers but we definitely seem to have had some absolute duffers. Unless your in the running for top managers there’s always an element of gambling on the appointment. Even some of the ones considered to have gone well here were hated at other clubs (Bruce for example). We will no doubt keep rolling the managerial dice for the next few decades. It’s got to come good at some point…

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9 hours ago, Ian said:

You are trying to re white history here….Wilson was in no way “heavily backed”


the signings of Michael Mols and Dani for £5million each were pulled by the board who told him he could only spend £5m in total 


to put that figure in perspective here’s just a few of the players and their transfer values at the time


Dion Dublin £7m+

Dwight Yorke £17m

John Hartson £10m

Duncan Ferguson £10m

Nigel Quashie £3m

Asprilla £6m

Kevin Campbell £4m

Briane Deane £4m

Kanu £6m

Kevin Davies £10m


So when you say “heavily backed” what you mean is that Wilson was told to buy 2 forwards for near enough the price of a Brian Deane or Kevin Campbell


I don’t know where you’ve taken those transfer fees from but taking a look at transfer market, Wilson signed…


Gerald Sibon - £3m

Giles De Bilde - £4.5m

Wim Jonk (who’d recently played for Holland in a World Cup semi final) - £2.52m


That’s an outlay of £10m on 3 players. At the back end of the 90’s that was a lot of money and considering what he spent in comparison to his predecessor Ron Atkinson I’d say that was being “heavily backed”.


Regardless, it was certainly enough you’d think for us to finish above Bradford City and stay up in the 99/00 season.

There will have been others (I can’t really be bothered to check) but off the top of my head another managerial gaff from him was the ridiculous swap deal he pulled off with Jim Magilton and Danny Sonner.

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So many bad managers.


Jewell, Shreeves(non caretaker) and Yorath were never going to succeed the club was in an absolute state. Turner was woeful, Irvine every bit as bad.  Pulis was completely baffling the wrong guy completely when you look at the squad and how he likes to play. Jos...I'd probably say its between Turner and Irvine but its hard to separate any of them.

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14 hours ago, Mosborough-owl said:

Jos for me. Never heard of him, dull as owt, boring football, couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying.


there was literally nothing positive about jos. 
Even his 5h1t moustache p155ed me off! 


In Lukhays defence he was given an almost impossible task. Get rid of the high earners and bring through the youth.


Sounds simple but the high earners were very influential in the dressing room and clearly didn't take kindly to not being played. They definitely helped to undermine him to the wider squad.


The young players he had to bring through were clearly not up to the task either. I think they have all pretty much all disappeared into obscurity now.

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There have been one or two worse than him, but I’m surprised Dave Jones’ name hasn’t cropped up in here.

If the mark of our worst ever manager is being most relieved to see them go then he’s top of the pile for me, I felt like a lead weight had been lifted when he finally left after that Blackpool game.


As soon as Terry Burton left and the promotion bounce had quickly worn off the football was absolutely rancid. We recovered once Stuart Gray came in to essentially manage the team, since by the sounds of it we were lucky if DJ turned up twice a week.

Kieran Lee and Chris Magure were great signings but they only got a run in the team after Jones left. Same story with Liam Palmer, and Connor Wickham looked hopeless until Gray took over. Meanwhile we spent money on dross like Taylor, McPhail, Olafinjana and Sidibé. He let the likes of Rob Jones and Ryan Lowe leave when they had more to give.


Perhaps the main thing was he just looked utterly disinterested for the whole time he was here.

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this worst manager is a difficult one. some of these managers were dealt a terrible hand some were given massive backing . if we are talking about who left the club in the worst state after been heavily backed then carlos all day long is our worst manager ,if he wasnt a clown we would have gone up . jos was dreadful but with 15 players out ,embargo ,players in dispute etc etc whether he was good or bad he was dealt a bad hand, we have had a few managers since too , upto 3 weeks ago id say darren moore was high on the list . but i honestly think this question is an impossible one . ive choosen carlos due to having more money than any other manager in our history and when he left the club was in a state which to this day and possibly for years to come is in decline. 

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