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Sheffield Wednesday V Hartlepool United - PJT 2nd Rnd - OMDT

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This is a classic example of the importance of mentality. 


They (a club in apparent disarray) are right up for this from the first whistle, a consequence of the little guy turning up at the "bigger club" and something we'll see time and time again. We on the other hand look like 11 individuals, most of which believe this game is beneath them. No pride, no application, no thought, no real desire, nothing.


And the result of that lack of aptitude is we are now we're having to risk some of our better players in an effort to get some traction in the game or limit an absolutely embarrassing defeat. It's a damming indictment of our inability to sign players with the right mentality. 

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Just now, room0035 said:

I do apologise I did not see that, he got 28 minutes how dare I doubt the manager.😙😙😙😙

But you were wrong. 


He only signed last week and has already played for nearly half an hour. 

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