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How cold was it today

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Blackpool in a midweek cup replay about ten years ago. We were 3 nil down after about 20 minutes and I said to my (now) wife that we could leave if they scored another. I think it stayed 3 nil. She sat in front of our fire for about 2 hours and was still cold, but then she is a southerner

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6 hours ago, Basement Jack said:

FA cup v Fulham at Craven Cottage 5th January 1985

Coldest I’ve ever been at a football match

Come to think of it … coldest I’ve ever been full stop 

Definitely very cold that day, we were having fires with newspapers to try and keep warm. 

Coldest ever for me was JPT game at Carlisle on 30 November 2010, it was night of the snowstorms that hit South Yorkshire. It was that cold the flame on my lighter froze. 🥶lol

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Coldest I remember was v Watford in the FA cup in 98. Yes, the one where Di Canio was sent off for contesting a throw in with the linesman. He didn’t even dare look at big Ron as he trotted past him. 

I was sat on the right side of the Kop with the wind howling in there. I had long johns on under my jeans, a wind stopper fleece under my Mera Peak jacket and a folded over copy of the Daily Telegraph under my vest. I did at the time wonder how often a copy of the Telegraph found itself on the Kop. Double walking socks under my Berghaus boots completed my ensemble, but I was still fukkking freezing. 


To add insult to injury, the game went to extra time AND penalties but it was worth it to see that Kevin Pressman penalty nearly tek net out. 

Got home at about 3am. 

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8 hours ago, robowl4life said:

Norwich at Hillsborough in the early 00’s we got hammered by them. Was stupidly cold.

This one for me. Think we were 4 down at half time. I left when they made it 5. One of the very few games where I've left early. 

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