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Touchscreen Chromebook v Touchscreen Windows Laptop advice please


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I currently run two laptops, 1 ) ageing windows laptop that sits permanently on my desk  connected to a second monitor and a basic chromebook for using out and about.


I want to treat myself to a touchscreen unit that will hopefully do both jobs.


Should I go for windows or chromebook?


Most of my business usage is done using online software .


Although I do have a fairly large( 50gb ) music libary which I suppose can be put on an external hard drive ( I presume chromebooks work ok with external hard drives ? ), also I have microsoft office documents from many years back which I still open with an old copy of microsoft ( thoughts on dealing with them please )


Any comments or advice would be welcome budget up to about £600, would pay more if needed but I am not a power user although I would like the ability to do some you tube videos editing next year when I plan to go on a two or three  motorcycle road trips.

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