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Blunts appoint Heckingbottom as manager

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1 hour ago, Whitechapel Owl said:


Just asked a pig mate about this and he says they've haven't received 3 years worth, but they've already budgeted for them on outstanding fees and contracts etc. Basically all the money (for all 3 years) has already been accounted for, so won't be used to buy new players. 

That’s excellent news lol

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The Poundland prince working his magic, all the big earners and assets will be sold in January and then the excuse will be they are giving youth a chance.


He has done it at every other club he has been at.


then when no assets left he will sell the club. The only thing is in the UK they could End up in League one very quickly.

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1 hour ago, ChapSmurf said:


He's pretty close with that.


What I've heard is that they have taken out loans against the future parachute payments and they used the money in their last PL season to fund signings, and extend existing contracts. How big the loans are versus the incoming payment I've no idea. I think that this was part of the clash between Wilder and the Board, as he wanted more money, and they refused. 

So much for a “well run club”.

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The trough is dry

Down at the sty

Where the red and white piggies play 


Slav is out

The clubs worth nowt

How we enjoy their dismay!



We say….

                  good day….

                                                                                                                                                 from Wednesday 🍺

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2 minutes ago, SwellOwl said:

Looks like things aren’t well at the lane.. great stuff.

feel no sympathy for those on the other side who've had a laugh at our owner and financial predicament what goes around comes around 

how you end up in debt after the sky handouts beggars belief 





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1 hour ago, parajack said:

Brave move no room for sentiment in football,he clearly wasnt right for them...

He wasn’t right for them...cus he wanted to sign some good players in January...and they havnt got a pot to pi55  in lol

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