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Glynn 1857

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Good afternoon all and apologies if this has been asked before!

I have been going to Hillsborough for over 40 years (oh the pain) and the aforementioned flag seems to have been at the front of the North stand towards the Kop end in all that time.

Does anyone know the story behind it?

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16 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:

Belongs to Glyn Slattery a well known Wednesdayites who goes home and away.

Also well known England supporter home and away.

Why does he spell his name with one n then?. Sorry had this complication all my life too 

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10 minutes ago, lanzaroteowl said:


Who gets married during the football season?


Just wrong.

It’s a good enough reason to be walking down the isle to nobody 


I’m running late love!

how late?

3months maybe 4 if we get in playoffs 


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