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19 minutes ago, asteener1867 said:

Like having 9 outfield players and a bloody wooden post you bounce it off

Sorry not impressed, expected more, no way should he get into the side in front of any forward at the club

other than the old mates with Moore aspect, I can't see why he's getting on the pitch  -  hopefully he'll discover the form that made him worth a few bob

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Moore took a gamble and unfortunately it hasn’t paid off.  I’m hoping he proves he’s a good manager by cutting his losses, let Berahino (and Sow) leave in January and replace them with more effective forward players (on loan of course unless there’s some free deals to be done at the time).

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Jury is still out but definitely better midweek,  he made some fabulous runs but didn’t receive the ball on too many occasions, that’s certainly not his fault.

however had he received them he may have ballsed it up anyway.

just got a sneaky feeling that if we continue to play more on the front foot as we appear to be now then he could make an impact from the bench 

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