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Starting to Enjoy This League Now

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Just now, Salmonbones said:

It could get an awful lot nicer if some players stay fit - also what is the score with Hutchinson and Iorfa?   With all these players fit you have to think we'd be far better then we are doing now.


Injured I think 


We’ve probably got the best squad in the league. Someone will complain to the EFL soon.

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Luongo makes such a difference...and to be fair I was one saying all last season that I don't see what people see in him, now I do!  If we can keep him fit it's going to make a difference.

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1 hour ago, jacko1992 said:

Up until the winner, what was enjoyable about that?

If you didn't enjoy that performance, you should probably choose a different sport.


Or support Man City or something.

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