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Their left back

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2 minutes ago, Sefton owl said:

Absolute T055er, hope he thoroughly enjoys his journey back down the M1 tonight lol 


1 minute ago, Hirstyslaces said:

In the same car that brought all of their "supporters"?😂


and a puncture somewhere around Leicester

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19 minutes ago, Pete Zarhutt said:

One of their players was yellow-carded AFTER the whistle had gone for arguing with the ref...............pretty sure it was him. 🙂

Not surprised . Every decision there were at least 2 of them nagging away in his ear all match 

On the highlights just look at the moaning they were doing at the corners in the first half 

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1 hour ago, meggoisgod said:

851 appearances for MK is very impressive tho?

He played for the original wimbledon ! 

made his debut against us in 2003, we beat them 4-2 . owusu and Bradbury scored for us , a lifetime ago and he is still playing for them!



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