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Seems to be getting better every game he plays. Working hard defensively when needed and is a really threat as he can take the defender down the line or inside. A real outlet for us. 

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Our formation was this 






      Brennan Dunkley Palmer











 Hunt.       Berahino      WindassCorbeanu






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3 minutes ago, Barnsleyowl1996 said:

Was class again , another assist . Sometimes he makes the wrong choice but Deary me I’m being picky . Unfortunately if he keeps playing like this I can’t see us keeping him past January (unless he can’t be recalled )

I doubt that. 


Wolves will know he stands to learn more from being here for the season. As good as the kid looks, he's not going to be starting for Wolves in the PL right now. 


Let him play here, perhaps get a promotion under his belt and he will be all the better for it. 



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