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MK Dons though

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7 minutes ago, sexpistol said:

I’ll say this for them, they scored the best goal at Hillsborough this season.

Gonna have to disagree...Windass' superb skill in making it look like he'd cocked up with his left footed shot, only to tee himself up on his right foot and drill it home is the best 😊

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7 minutes ago, BetterCallSaul said:

Scott Twine is a magician, won’t be in league one for long 


If there is a 1% of a chance to sign him I would make him our top target in January transfer window. 


Thought that Dons did quite well making our performance tonight that much more impressive. Best 90 minutes we played this season by far. 

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9 minutes ago, Suzuki_San said:


Passed it well?  They just hoofed it most of the time.  The worrying thing was, it worked a few times!


I agree. Very little pedigree in that team. They rely on pacey front men to beat the offside trap, but that failed every time with us. Bar a wordly, they would have left on the match on zero goals. 

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