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Josh Windass

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The big man returns and suddenly we make it look easy.  


He's been away too long, and media reports about his return was welcome but all to cynical knowing Wednesday.  I didn't believe it.


He lifted the side yesterday IMO, he lifted the whole club and city.  So welcome back Chansiri, and don't ever leave us.



Was also good to see Windass back.

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8 hours ago, Last_Great_Hope said:


If they stay fit...and arent sold in Jan.


Lets face it, Luongo, Bannan and Windass are far too good for this league. We are  going to get a lot of interest if these three carry on their form for the next 6 weeks.

we’ve sold 2 players in the past 7 years what makes you think chansiri will sell anyone in January? 

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so under valued when you have more than one player who can run at pace with the ball. Usually a team will two up Theo knowing he's our only real threat driving forward with the ball and committing defenders and can be easy to handle if he's the only man driving with the ball but now Windass is back in the team that gives the opposition something to worry about knowing they can't double up on one man anymore as we have two who can play like this. Really does ease the burden on Theo now as he won't be the only driving player committing defenders. 


Also the same in midfield, Luongo back in the squad really does lift the weight off Baz, he doesnt need to worry about been the deep laying player and supporting the front man, Luongo can offer the shield and allow Bannan to create higher up.

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