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Sheffield Wednesday vs Milton Keynes OMDT

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Personally I think Patto has been ineffective in his last couple of games, so correct decision for me. Question is do you have him on the bench or not? Just wonder what DM is seeing with Berahino, is he impressing in training, because he’s not shown a deal on the pitch so far. 

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7 minutes ago, GMOwl72 said:

Christmas switch on isn’t it. He doesn’t finish his shift in the grotto till 9pm.

He’s just finishing up here, he’s been plastering my kitchen all day, pulled out with it! Told me he was gonna be late, he’s not happy like😤,anyway I’ve slipped him an extra 50 samolians, ordered us in a Nandos. He’s gonna watch it here , he’s got one o them dodgy boxes🤫



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Lineup appears to show we are growing in stature and confidence and don't fear any side.


The beginning of the beginning of the end of our time in League One.  The season starts today, and next season we will be a Championship side.    100% confidence in us.

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1 minute ago, StudentOwl said:

At 20 years old, it's still hard to tell. But if he can improve his game by a bit and his decision making by a bit more, I think he'll be a cracking midfielder. IMO. Glad he's getting the game time to be honest

He just needs to be more involved. Disappears for long periods.


When he gets going though, he's a game changer.

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