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Sheffield Wednesday vs Milton Keynes OMDT

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2 minutes ago, The Dukeries Owl said:

All down to lack of belief 


Yea, don't know how much to read into the match stats... but we've had 10 more shots on target, 14 v 4 inside the box but shooting accuracy is about 40% for both teams... at least we're shooting on target again, but we need those natural goal getters that just ping it right where it needs to go, not half-assed shots towards target.

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Just now, owls maniac said:

We won’t score enough to get top 6 IMO. Lacking that 20 goal a season player. 


Exactly, against Gillingham (who were absoloutely ********) everyone was saying, 'we just missed Gregory and we'd have smashed these'... or it's always 'if we play like that again we'll win easily'. Well, we are a bottom 10 attack and it shows. 

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1 minute ago, Jeffjohnsonmyhero said:

Be honest are we a good team ?


We've looked better than Franchise FC this evening, but whereas they have a midfielder capable of picking his spot from 25 yards, ours can't hit a barn door so far.


Plus the ref has ruled out a good goal and refused to give a clear cut penalty, which isn't helping.

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