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I'm actually excited now

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13 minutes ago, Devonstrix said:

When I saw you’d started this thread Danielle, I thought Oh, maybe Lowe the Wednesday legend is on his way. 




Only to find out Chansiri has been seen at the airport! 


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Lowe? Plymouth lost 🤪closed the gap by 3 points

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We've narrowly beaten Accrington Stanley (!) away after getting thrashed in the cup by Plymouth, who also did a number on us in the league... I'm reluctant to feel any sort of optimism yet, there's too many mistakes in defense and moments of lapse in concentration that ruin an otherwise decent performance. Good to see the squad starting to click, good to see some natural 1st XIs returning but I'm not going to get carried away... just yet. 😄 

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I cant help but feel that we are in the top 8 in spite of Moore rather than because of him.


The goddawful , negative , turgid "style" that he insisted on for the first 3 months , the bizarre team selections , the even more bizarre substitutions , the spineless collapses , the refusal to start a game changer like Corbeneau for weeks and weeks etc, etc.


Still think this is a huge 6 weeks coming up for DM

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