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15 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:

"Ahh, thank you , stubbs. Here, hang on a minute, this isn't brandy!"


"Uhm, no Sir. It's milk"


"Milk?! ...oh, wait hang on a minute. No, no, no. Absolutely no. I'm not falling for that one! I know what you're trying to do here"


"Sir, I-"


"No! Trying to trick me into it! I didn't have you down as that sort of rotter"


"But Sir-"





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No idea how today will pan out, we've not been very good and Accrington are, well Accrington. With all due respect, even with injuries should still have more than enough quality to win. 


In our favour, if Chansiri is in town, the players do usually put on a performance when the 'boss' arrives (Chansiri I mean, not Bruce Springsteen). 


However, to put this game in context, Accrington have won as many league games as us this season, 6, and only 5 points behind with a game in hand.


I'd like to think we can win, but don't have much faith in us at the moment. More likely a groundhog day 1-1.

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4 hours ago, Gresh said:

Just checked the 1892 result and we lost 4 v 2. Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself and we can come away with a win.

In 1892 you lost to Accrington FC NOT Accrington Stanley! Different Club!

Bit like confusing Wednesday with Sheff Utd

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