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Snooty come out to playay.......SNOOTY COMEA OUT TO PLAYAYAY!!!!

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8 minutes ago, Ibbo48 said:

Very rare before 12 our time , Utah 


5 minutes ago, REDOWL said:

Be patient my friend and put some Purple on........

Ha, ha! I've lost all track of space and time today!


Not the first time I've done this waiting for an OMDT either!

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I was on Worrall Road overlooking the Housing estate that was once the sight of the old Middlewood Hospital earlier today.


It may have been my Imagination working overtime but I'm near certain that a fellow wearing a silk scarf, top Hat and tails disappear around a corner in the area where the 30's wards once stood.


I walked back and forth around Middlewood Drive but saw no one after that. Now this ? The thread has really Spooked me !   

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