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I think there is certain degree of arrogance amongst our fan base that expected us to walk this league because of the clubs we're up against.


We forget that we are also a league one club, we're not Sheffield Wednesday from the early 90s we're the version that's been neglected and run appallingly for over 20 years.


Should we be further up the table? Probably because we've thrown away daft points.


Has it been an horrendous start to the season?

Far from it, not far off the play-offs with a team that is making mistakes and hasn't reached it's full potential.


Time to judge will be Christmas.

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8 hours ago, Tommy Crawshaw said:

Never mind the Pizza Cup against League 2 sides and kids, plus the 2 insipid F.A. Cup matches.


It's the league games against Oxford, Wimbledon, Cambridge, Lincoln, Cheltenham and Gillingham in the last 6 weeks that stand out.

So many points dropped.

And so many dropped from wining positions as per. That’s the kick in the nads. I can take a draw if we come from behind, but from wining in some cases quite comfortably eg AFC Wimbledon then chucking it away is criminal. 

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Grim reading given the opposition. I’ve never expected us to go up this season. Was hoping for playoffs for a bit of excitement and then push on next year. That still might occur but it will only happen if draws become wins. As it stands I expect them to stay as draws and for us to miss top six. 
I assume this means Moore will lose his job but honestly can’t say if this will be a good thing or not. Depends on who comes after. Next three games are now very important to DM. 7 points might save him. 

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12 minutes ago, Flat Owl said:


That's why I am amazed S6 - it's an incredible feat if true....and perhaps I am wrong about DM to conjour up points from nowhere....

My opinion of this season has been totally skewed by reading all the negative shiz if I’m honest FO.

We’re on quite a decent unbeaten run & we’ve beaten Wigan, Rotherham & Sunderland.

It’s the draws with the weaker teams that creates a negative feeling. 
Turn some of these into wins & it’s crash, bang, wallop, away we go rock n roll music! ( Vic Reeves)


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