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Welcome to the ( not so ) cheap seats

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1 hour ago, Ellis Rimmer said:

Would you rather Wednesday be rubbish but you can go or Wednesday be amazing but you can’t go



Which raises the question, what's the point of the fans? Clubs don't need their cash these days, it's all global TV rights money and advertising. If Chelsea fans want to pay triple that's their look out, whether they can afford it or not

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Shows the difference. Bayern said sure we could raise our tickets by £200 a season but that's an extra £10 million revenue which isn't a huge amount to the big clubs these days. But too most fans it's a huge amount 

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Don’t you just love football. 

Chelsea (the European Champions tbf) and with money to burn, still aren’t going to do something for nothing. 

As soon as they bought Lukaku I thought, I wonder if the fans end up paying for this (and the concourse … and wait for it, WiFi !!)


It almost feels like overcharging makes clubs ‘feel’ classier than they are, like it’s something out of this world…. It’s a chair to watch a football match. 

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