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Sounds desperate to me. Getting the injury excuses in to save his skin. Fact of the matter is he went far too top heavy on the recruitment this summer when we still haven't addressed the fact we are short at CB and LB. We've had 3 managers come in recently and not one of them have signed an out and out LB which I find ridiculous. It's such an obvious position that we need fixing.


Going to be a very difficult winter period for us with these injuries and lack of form. Need a performance on Saturday or it could get pretty toxic from the away stand. 

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10 hours ago, Box_Man said:

Players that are winning week in week out and playing/believe in their manager hardly ever get injured.


Losing mentality (or not wining) , players picking up niggles all the time.


Would be more worth while launching an investigation into Darren Moore’s coaching abilities as so far he has demonstrated he hasn’t got any.




This is true - incredible how few injuries United ever had whilst climbing to Prem with Wilder. 

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Down to wanting to play for the manager in my eyes. Look at teams flying top of the league, everyone wants to play for the manager and be involved no matter what. Everyone wants to play in the system and play in a good style.


In comparison to us, who would want to be shoe horned into a system that is failing? And getting hung out to dry in positions they haven't played in their careers. The urge to put everything out there and to play through pain is less when you aren't successful or playing with a smile on your face. 


I bet the number of injuries in a happy team are far less

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55 minutes ago, JemmoJemoJemmo said:

Investigation opens:-


The players don’t want to play for Darren Moore


Investigation closes.


I really don't think our injury problems are down to players not liking Darren Moore.
That is basically saying players are refusing to play.

Cant think of anything more unprofessional.

I would question players ability and temperament but wouldn't go as far as to say they are refusing to play.


Think injury problems are down to a bit of bad luck and signing older players with bad injury records.
Not qualified to say anything with training ground but if it was something that obvious surely would have been sorted out by now.


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I mean, this sounds like the corporate bullshit people have to go through, but there are some value in doing a "Five Why's" or 8 steps on SWFC in lots of places.



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An investigation would be really complex, so not the easiest thing to do (assuming of injury rate is greater than other clubs- and would need to go back a few years to really compare)


We get injured when whichever structure, bone, ligament, tendon etc exceeds the level of stress it can tolerate, so could be a bad tackle that breaks a bone, or a higher load of running that causes an achilles tendon issue.


If the types of injuries were all similar I think that would be indicative of something wrong with how we do things. Maybe training load is not high enough or low enough to manage the demands of the game.


As for training ground unless it's some sort of particularly hard or soft surface I can't see what the issue would be there. 




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8 hours ago, Ronio said:

There are many reasons why we are picking up injuries.  I will name a few of them.  


1.  Signing players on the cheap who have a history of injury problems.  We take a punt on them because they are cheap, which kind of works out being more expensive in the long run.


2. Physicality of the league.  A lot of teams in this division will prefer to scrap it out to make up for lack of technical ability.  We on the other hand are soft as shiite.  Countless games this season, supposed weaker opposition out muscle us, win more challenges and win more headers in the air.  Very rarely do we actually impose ourselves on the opposition from a physical standpoint and it shows big time.  


3.  Lack of proper infrastructure.  Lack of investment in our training facilities will no doubt be a factor.  


4.  Playing players out of position.  I'm sure there is something in this.  Having to put a tackle in or a challenge with your weaker foot.  Playing in a position a player is not comfortable with surely will increase the likelihood of a player picking up an injury.  Case in point, Marvin Johnson, having to play like a centre back, win his headers and put tackles in, something he hasn't had to do for most of his career.  Now he is out injured. 


5.  Rushing players back too quickly.  Examples, Luongo earlier in the season just before the window shut, Adeniran last night.  


6.  Style of play.  If you look at the majority of our games this season, you will find most of them will have finished by a single goal margin, meaning most of the game will be a close fought affair, a battle for the majority of the game.  We never make things easy for ourselves, this is further exemplified with us trying to play out from the back.  It made players panic, having to put in last ditch tackles and putting our players under unnecessary pressure and risk.  How often do we see us go two three goals up, meaning we can send on some of the fringe players to protect our best players? A very rare occurrence. 


7. Lack of understanding regarding specific players capability.  An example of this Sam Hutchinson.  Doing perfectly fine in the centre of defense, and things were ticking along nicely.  Then gets moved into central midfield where many fans even suggested it would put too much strain on his body and to keep him in defense.  Lo and behold, he gets played in midfield and we haven't seen him since.  


8.  Manager's ability.  Moore needs to take responsibility for a big part of what is going on at the moment.  Many of the points above can be linked directly to the manager and the choices he makes on an individual level. 


9. Physios and backroom staff.  I think they need to be mentioned, as it is their jobs to keep players in peak physical condition and to ensure they are fully fit.  I will give an example of this, Lewis Gibson, I really do wonder how his medical actually went, because since the very first day he arrived at the club, he wasn't even fit, and dare I say it probably injured.  I'm always led to believe that when players sign for a club, they go through a grueling process, from a medical standpoint, assessing whether there are underlying issues and two whether they are actually fit.  Dunkley is another example, when we signed him last season.  


10.  Weather conditions and choice of boots.  Rain and frost will alter the playing surface, choice of boots will/should correlate to the conditions.  Whether the ground is hard or soft, something you will see a lot of in horse racing.   I mean I could go on and on.  


11.  Reluctance to use and perhaps rely on our youth players.  We would rather play an older player with a lot of mileage on his tank, meaning susceptibility and risk to injury goes up exponentially.  Personally I would rather see a young player like Brennan given more game time and get a game in his natural position than shoehorning another player like Johnson, who lets face it, isn't really a centre back and is now out injured.  


The fact of the matter is, if we are conducting an actual investigation to all our injury problems, all it says to me is that we have been blind to all the issues for far too long, or in others words, we haven't a bloody clue..  If we have been blind to all these problems, what are the actual chances that those at the club actually know what they are actually doing and two what are the chances they will actually fix it.  







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