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Plymouth - Wednesday Replay - OMDT

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1 minute ago, mcmigo said:

No we are not useless

 We are losing a meaningless cup tie away at one of the best two teams in the league 

To be fair you do have a point. It will be after the 1-1 again on Saturday that he should go. We are just treading water under him.

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1 minute ago, 0114 said:

Keep trying to tell myself it’s just cup, not a big deal.

But it’s just the manner of it, the performance.

Happily take a loss on the chin but it needs a performance.

Yet we have a manager who has openly said performances don’t matter. 

Exactly this. Im happy to be out  of the cup, but its the manner in which we lose. No fight, no nothing.

DM still sticking to his non winning formula, bizarrely expecting it to turn round and be proven right.

I am now genuinely thinking DC isnt interested any more. There is no explanation why hed keep moore in charge.

Im now numb to how dreadful we are

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