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So frustrating today

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Started the game really well today - on the front foot and very positive. That all went ******** up when we conceded to a particularly crap goal. 


Yet again we conceded from a set piece - and not a very good one at that - a straight ball into the box, no challenge on the first header, no tracking of runners - far too easy. Totally unacceptable defending  - iv lost count of the goals we have conceded from set pieces this season.

Feel so sorry for Theo - he did everything he could to set chances up but we are so poor up front it was all a bit of a waste of time. Same can’t be said of Shadipo who was basically anonymous until he was subbed.  He wasn’t the only weak link today however - Wing needs to try to get his mojo back along with Berahino. 


 Moore also needs to think about changing things to try to affect games. He always seems to make like for like subs and keeping the systems the same. Darren…. If the system is not working change the system not just the personnel.










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