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Actually saw lots of positives today

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We've definitely played worse this season and won (I'm thinking Bolton). The issue we've got now is square pegs in round holes due to a change in formation and injuries. 


We had 7 first XI players not fully fit for today (Iorfa, Hutch, Luongo, Windass, Hunt, Gregory, Gibson). 

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Hate the saying “play like that and we’ll win more than we draw or lose”.  Really? So what happened today then? Apart from a few league games you can count on one hand, we have a team who find it impossible to score more than once a game.  When you have that issue you will always draw or lose games because the opposition will always get chances to score at least once.  No team in the history of football could guarantee a clean sheet every game.  

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I actually agree, I think the main reason for that was having wide men that actually pose a goal threat (mainly Corbeanu). 


My problem will be when they are the ones that get dropped next game or Moore continues with his poor substitutions. 

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I do agree... our team looks much better than it did before the Sunderland game. It's a team on the pitch, although it's not perfect yet.


We missed Gregory today, didn't we?  And I cannot blame DM or the owner for that. This was just  bad luck.

Should we have won anyway.. yes, but IMO there is much to built on for the next games.


Some of the injured players will be back and we will start winning. No doubt about that.


Come on Wednesday!!!!

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I agree with OP. I think we are getting there slowly, it’s taking a lot longer than hoped and we struggled first half after the goal. I think it knocked the stuffing out of us. I honestly think if we scored first we would have gone on to muller them. Bloody frustrating this season so far. 

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