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12 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:



"Need to win this one ,Stubbs"


"Indeed, Sir. If other results go the right way it would put Wednesday in the play-off places and be a real morale boost to the squad."


"Eh? No. I'm not on about that. I'm on about Fatty Evans! We have to win because it's him visiting. By God, I can't stand the man. The thought of him booming down the touchline gloating, it doesn't bear worth thinking about"


"Yes, but you're playing the Club, Gillingham, not the man"


"No. We're playing the man, Stubbs. Playing the man. That's the thing with you none football folk, Stubbs, you think it's just club versus club. But it isn't. No. It's the little stories that make the game and this odious toad is one of the games villains. Literally a villain too he couldn't lie in bed straight him...more bent than a nine-bob note..."




"Hello?....oh good evening Mr Harg.....yes, yes of course. Of course....goodnight ,Sir"


"Who was that?"


"That was Mr Hargreaves, Sir. He says careful with the accusations, he can't afford the lawyers at the moment as he's bought a new HDR Camera for filming the beautiful historic towns of England."


"Oh. Where's he been?"




*Shudder* "Oh right. Well, he needn't worry on that score because it's nothing we can get in bother for. It's a fact.  Evans was a proven to be a crook.."






"Now come on Sir , don't sulk. Mr Hargreaves was only thinking of the site"


"But Evans is a bloody croo-"




"Fine. Fine."


"Besides ,Sir. As you said before. IT's the side show isn't it. The little side stories. Isn't Evans just playing a character?  Like Wenger was as the Professor who never saw anything? Or Fergie the gum chewing Glaswegian. Warnock the 'Wednesday hater. For all we know, behind the facade there might lie a very different character. In fact,  in reality I've heard Evans is a little shy"


"What of, a metric tonne?"


"Sir. Really. We're not just going to engage in infantile remarks about his weight now are we? Now lets get down to football."




"I do recall Evans at Leeds ,Sir but he fell off my Radar a bit after that where did he go?"


"Mansfield, Stubbs"


"Oh, made the move to Nottinghamshire did he?"


"Didn't really move Stubbs, as much as expanded over two borders"






"Anyway Sir, he can't be that bad a chap. His assistant manager Paul Raynor has worked with him at his last 5 clubs. You wouldn't keep doing that if someone was horrible"


"Raynor doesn't like him Stubbs. He's just stuck in his orbit"


"Sir. Really. This is a bit much."


"You're right Stubbs. I'm sorry"


"I mean, you're talking about another human being here. A football manager to boot. They work under extreme pressure, and it must have a negative effect on their health. Its an all consuming job-"


"He's all consuming all right"


"Sir, really. I can't continue if you're going to carry on like this."


"I'm sorry. Go ahead."


"Right, thank you, Sir. Now a recent report about the health of football mangers suggested that they all need to find relaxing pastimes outside of the game to help them unwind."


"Quite right, Stubbs. Common sense."


"Steve Evans has apparently bought a race horse"


"To stick between two slices of bread?"


"I'm done"


"Come back Stubbs! I can't do the OMDT without you!"


"Ok. But this is your last chance. I mean, it really is puerile. And besides which, it's not very brave you know,  is it Sir. Saying all these things behind the mans back"


"I'd say them to his face!"




"Yes. I would. But there's not enough petrol in the car to get around to the front of him"









Sky Bet League One

Saturday 13th November 2021

Kick off 3:00pm



Wednesday have only lost one of their seven league matches at Hillsborough this season and have conceded the fewest home goals in League One this season (four)


Gillingham will be trying to make it four league matches unbeaten for the first time this season, after winning one and drawing two of their last three in the third tier.


Steve Evans's side have only won three of 16 league games in 2021-22, with just one of those coming away from home.


Meanwhile, only Crewe Alexandra and Doncaster Rovers have scored fewer goals in League One than the Gills this season (15).




-------- WEDNESDAY   ------


Sheffield Wednesday will be without Bailey Peacock-Farrell who is on international duty with Northern Ireland, meaning Joe Wildsmith should start in goal.

Though he probably should be anyway in my book.


George Byers and Massimo Luongo played 72 minutes in the EFL Trophy in midweek as they returned from injury and should be involved in the matchday squad.


Sam Hutchinson, Dominic Iorfa - well, that's just the Wednesday way isnt it.

Josh Windass is back but needs some "volume"








-------- GILLINGHAM ------


Gillingham's already extensive injury list was made worse last weekend as Robbie McKenzie, Rhys Bennett and Ryan Jackson all hobbled off in the FA Cup and will face late fitness tests.


Max Ehmer also suffered a knock in that game but was fine to continue and should be able to feature at Hillsborough.


Stuart O'Keefe is also in contention to return, having been forced off with a hamstring strain against Accrington Stanley a fortnight ago.
















Excellent as always LS.looking forward to the Fatty Evans Pi55 take.

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10 minutes ago, CalmJimmers said:

Got a decent feeling about tomorrow, something I'll regret saying come FT for sure.


2-0 Wednesday. Kamberi & Corbeanu.

That's not impossible,  I'd even say Paterson is due for a goal, so 3-1 Wednesday.  


Lord Snooty was definitely in-form tonight.

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