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2 hours ago, jonnyowl said:

WTF is that line up.


5 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders against Albania!


All that attacking talent and he puts that side out.


And they want to give him a new contract, jesus christ!


Any regrets in this statement?


To be fair I know where you were coming from, just made me chuckle as I read this just as Kane got his 3rd.

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Let’s be honest, how many thought we’d be as dominant in that first half as were with that starting eleven? Southgate’s record as England manager is a good one but can it be a great one, that will be the acid test for me. He has as good a pool of players as any England manager has had to select from since Sven.

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Don't wish to sound dismissive but it appears to be full of poor international teams currently, From Germany, to Italy  Spain, the Dutch. 


The last few years seems to be more athletes than footballers. 


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36 minutes ago, Orlando_Trustful said:

Absolutely. He gets far too much stick. 

Agree with this, people seem to want Potchettino to come in and get the team playing like Brazil.  But that wouldn’t happen,  international football is dull all over the shop.  You just have to watch non england games to see that.  
I know people will say that with the players england have they should be performing much better,  but we’ve hardly got the best players in the world.  No one in Italy is putting the majority of English players in their world eleven side.  

I don’t really know what I’m waffling on about but still,  I think Southgate is getting the same results another manager would. 

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