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@JPercyTelegraph: Derby's administrators set to reluctantly accept a total points deduction of 21, plus a further suspended 3. Talks ongoing over business plan but announcement expected soon. Huge blow for Wayne Rooney but closure for club ahead of a potential sale #dcfc https://t.co/gqEaBHffWe

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if either us or sunderland dont go up league 1 next season will be without doubt the toughest in history , with derby joining us along with another club hit by a points deduction , i seriously can see us been in this league for years unless we buck our ideas up and start attacking more.

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In a few years time there'll be the Premiership, the Championship and the Deductedpointship, where once great clubs will languish, reflecting on their misjudged plans for glory, doomed to spend the rest of eternity visiting windswept half empty tinpot grounds and regretting their last big gamble for the big time.

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10 hours ago, Kew Owl said:

All getting a bit ridiculous IMHO.


I think Reading are still in the frame for a points deduction to be announced soon ?


Stoke could soon be added to that list. QPR could be sailing close to the wind too. B'mouth are fooked if they don't go up this season, but that is looking likely.


25 minutes ago, beano said:

Is this potentially on top of the 12 they have already had?


I think it is a plus 9 on top, bringing the total to 21. I stand to be corrected though. 

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13 hours ago, latemodelchild said:

So would that be 21 this season? They're looking like they're in trouble without it so maybe it'll carry over to next season. If it doesn't then its a bit of a pointless punishment really. 

Its why they are taking the hit now. Get it all out of the way.

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