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Will tonight's FA Cup draw get us excited?

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8 hours ago, matthefish2002 said:

Assuming we play in round 2 I hope we get a non league side we never likely to play again.

St Albans, Buxton, Boreham Wood someone like that to make it a little bit more interesting.

Have a like - just for the optimism

currently just as close in the tables / pyramid to St Albans &/or Boreham Wood as Manchester Citeh 😳

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1 hour ago, The Hoppy Hopper said:

Away at Notts County would be good. Historic club, not far, good pubs and I suspect we’d get a decent allocation.

Recall the day not too long ago when it was carnage in their terrace  food and beer hall. Severe overcrowding, beer being thrown about and then came the Smoke Bombs. Police tried to intervene but it was pointless (same as Counties day) I think. 


I think a further visit to Rochdale would be better but we must get past Plymouth first Eh ! 

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16 hours ago, mildatheart67 said:

Talk about a " cold night at Stoke..'..like the tropics in comparison to Buxton.

Be the highest ground to ever stage a FA Cup game

It is now they are at home. 1000ft above sea level, the 2nd highest (surprisingly) is the hawthorns at around 550ft.

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