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Todays lineup - OWLS -V PLYMOUTH OMDT

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2 minutes ago, Ronio said:

Berahino needs to work much harder at closing down their back line.  


He's jogging around like it is a practice match.  


He reminds me of the kid who gets a game because his dad is the manager,  


Needs to work much harder. 

They all need to work harder closing down the opposites. One makes a half arsed jog over and the others just stand and watch. You’ve got to chase the ball down in 2s and 3s for it to work, otherwise the ball will just get passed through the gaps

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1 minute ago, Owlstastic said:

Palmer has been our most positive midfielder.


Agree with that. which says how well our shape is working for us!


That and the fact it is absolutely pointless playing the ball anywhere near Berahino. 

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2 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


Not setting the bar very high that.


How many corners have we forced, how many shots have we had, on or off target. 


It's been pretty dull. 


We are playing arguably the best side in the league and we in the most part are matching them.


From what I’ve seen today I’m encouraged compared to previous weeks.

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