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Todays lineup - OWLS -V PLYMOUTH OMDT

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Just now, Miffed said:

This is the lottery people faced this week in deciding whether or not to spend hard earned cash on attending today.


Do you risk turning up to watch a team of reserves effectively throwing the game, like in the Megson days, the last time we were in this league? That felt like a kick in the teeth and a waste of money. 


We got through to the 4th round of the FA Cup under Megson, hardly throwing the games, that was in the FL trophy.

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36 minutes ago, Supervisor2 said:

Would have liked to see Dele start. Feel sorry for him after a couple of miss fires he is back on the bench. Can’t do much for his confidence after playing his way into the starting 11 recently. Could have been given the nod instead of Wing and Bannan



Strange that after much praise, he seems to have slipped back in pecking order. 


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1 hour ago, striker said:

Based on the last performance, don't have a problem with that. Gregory played a lot of minutes recently, so understand he may need resting. 


Big game for Berahino today, been underwhelming so far. 


Also good to see Byers and Luongo on the bench.

Re Berahino, you have a problem when signing so many players who expect to play in the first team. Trouble is each one once picked, expects to stay in but then it's somebody else's turn!

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Absolute melt down on here before the Tuesday game about the line up. 


One change, a straight swap of a like for like player and it's now a great line up!


I think it's a terrible line up and formation again.



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7 minutes ago, WBridgfordowl said:

Have we really only got one football?!


Thought home teams had to choose before the game whether or not to use multi-ball, we probably don't want Plymouth getting it back in play quickly. 

Don't think you can start with multi-ball, go 2-0 up and then jack it in mid-game or vice-versa.  

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