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I hope we have now sacked off getting him to play from the back, Iorfa too.


Getting them to tap it around was obvious messing with their confidence. Just let them defend, they are plenty good enough at this level at stopping the ball going in our net, not starting attacks.

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Colossal tonight. 

10 minutes ago, Pieman said:

Top game. Dominated in the air and marshalled the back line well. Also, two fabulous body on the line blocks, when other defenders turned their backs.

All this ^^^  

He was the leader as well as doing his own job 

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1 minute ago, Costello 77 said:

Tell me it wasn't me?

I've been finishing up some sloe gin.


There's been a spate of drunken posting recently. 


Some poor souls reverse their entire philosophy for the future of our club based on the effects of a couple of shandies.

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