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Can we have the Moore In or Out Poll now after a win

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This performance is still the anomaly this season by a long way, if we continue to play 2 up front, let the wide players we have get forward and attack their full back and dispense with the short passes from goal kicks then my opinion of Moore may change. Until that happens all the evidence still suggests he's not the man to take us forward.


I really hope I'm wrong.

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It seems that there was a big bust up at Cheltenham.

Something radical has changed in performance and players have bought into it.


If he's a big enough man to concede that he's been wrong he'll keep the players onside and hopefully we'll see more performances like tonight then we'll all be onside.


If he loses the players he'll lose the supporters .... it's up to him now.

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He's bought himself some time. Can he maintain the positive approach shown tonight or will he revert to type? If the latter, we all know the answer.


The team have shown tonight what a positive manager with an aggressive approach can achieve. Over to you Daz.

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