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Some fans have been slating Gregory and saying he should be dropped

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I personally love Lee Gregory as a striker, especially at this level. I was one of those backing him right from the off, search my posts and that will be the case.


We spent years watching milky tea strikers like Rhodes, Kachunga, Marriott and more, just going through the motions, pulling out of challenges etc.


We would have stayed up last season with Gregory as our striker imo.


He will score 20 league goals this season.

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Anyone complaining about Gregory’s performances and what he offers to our team in this league should go watch a different sport, simple as that , because they deffo don’t understand football if they can’t see what Gregory offers 


Great signing, anyone be a fool to suggest he won’t probably bag 12-15goals , wouldn’t even rule him out for 20 if we can carry on playing like we did tonight 

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