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Tonight's Starting Lineup - Here's how the Owls line up tonight vs Sunderland..

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Guest LondonOwl313

I actually think we’ll win tonight.. we always do this against the better sides having been dreadful against all the ones we should beat. 

But if we do it’s inspite of not because of that line up. Looks like 5 players out of position to me

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Just now, Maddogbob said:

Which is even more mental as we have our right back at left back and a left back on the bench.



I mean I doubt it will be 4-4-2, I was trying to find a formation where Corbeanu was not at left wing back. That would be almost as bad as playing FF at LWB. I know Corbeanu is a winger but he is a very attacking minded winger and a young lad, coming into a struggling team. Huge risk if he is asked to play there.


Especially with Brown on bench.

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