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In other news - how many people knew THIS place existed?


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I did. 


Me and my wife (not of Sheffield) had a weekend being tourists in my hometown, and that lane was on some tourist map (maybe a Heritage Weekend) we picked up.


A shame it's so hidden and a bit run down.  

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Just now, @owlstalk said:




The town centre is actually fantastic if you view it with an open mind 




You have to have your mind floating above you... but to be fair, see if the new cine complex once its built will attract more people.  


Hate to say it but the only people the town attracts now are the unemployed and the very low paid.  If anyone is dressed in anything other than Primark people look at them in wonderment.


Very depressing.  Not that's its ever been a decent shopping centre always lagged behind Sheffield and Donny.


Its a shame as there some fantastic buildings all over the town if they spruced up the facades then it would bring out the true beauty of the buildings. 

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