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Pathetic excuse for a team

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Let’s get real here .. we have a manager and coaching team who don’t have a clue and a team with no balls, no desire and most with absolutely no technical ability. 


We have just played Cheltenham ffs and have got away with a draw. Again we can’t manage a game - nothing but a set of f&@king headless chickens managed by a ********!


2 shots on target all match, woeful shape, players out of position again,  inept defending again


A complete embarrassment of a club.


We only have to look up the road to Rotherham to see how to attack this league. Warne knows what he’s doing and gets the best out of his players- Moore is an imposter disguising himself as someone who has even a basic idea and who is ruining our club.


please just sod off and take your back room staff with you. 



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