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Bearing in mind you are going in April so laying on the beach will be out of the question. ( There are some great beaches )


Portmerrion is a nice place to visit, Italian styled village in Wales. They filmed the TV programme the prisoner there.


Within an hour you can be in my favourite Conwy with its walled town and Castle.


Llandudno which is next to Conwy is a nice Victorian seaside town, but like Scarborough but a lot nicer.

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Been to N Wales a couple of times in the last couple of years. Next to Portmeirion and Llandudno. Lovely places


Portmeirion is brilliant but can get busy. We went early on a Sunday morning.


Porthmadog is nice and Black Rock Sands is amazing.


Then there's Snowdonia.


We used to go to N Wales frequently as a kid and I haven't been to Anglesey since then.


Llandudno and Conwy are great



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Welsh cakes and a hot pot of tea is a must in a local tea shop. 



I’ve been a few times. All of the above but take a drive round the angelsea as it’s stunning. Beaumaris Town a lovely little place and a stunning Norman castle. 

One of my regrets is not trying lava bread. 

They also have their version of a Cornish Pastie called an Oggi. 

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On 29/10/2021 at 21:23, ANDY said:

Booked a cottage for next April. 

only been to Wales in my youth during Army training. 

anyone been recently. 

We went for a week in the summer. Lovely wee place if you want some peace and quiet and there are a few places within a short drive of Anglesey which are worth a visit too. If you’re eating out you need to book everywhere in advance. Don’t expect to be able to turn up anywhere they just didn’t do that for some reason. That’s my main bit of advice!


We stayed near Holyhead, there’s not much there to be honest. Trearddur Bay is beautiful and has a great beach and some lovely walks. If I was ever going to Holyhead again it would only be to get the ferry to Dublin. It’s a transport hub town basically.

We went to Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch because my son wanted his picture there lol Again not much there.


Conwy in Gwynedd before you get to Anglesey  is a great town, beautiful castle, Llandudno is nearby too and the view from the Great Orme is stunning. Snowdonia is drivable from Anglesey too.

You can do pretty much all you need to in 4-5 days I reckon. That whole area is very Welsh speaking BTW, everything is in Welsh everywhere, and people spoke it openly too in conversation. A bit like the Gàidhealtachd in Scotland I guess. I’d never heard Welsh in Cardiff or anywhere before.

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