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A real true genuine SWFC LEGEND

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This feature,which includes Mary Kitson and her workmates is from the match day programme v Liverpool on the 4th December 1993..We beat them 3-1 with goals from Mark Bright and two own goals from Mark Wright and Neil Ruddock.

Thanks to Mary for all you have done.



IMG_20211027_122646 (752x800).jpg

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9 minutes ago, andytrig said:


Imagine if it was Derby County and Rooney popped round.... 

I doubt wayne  bothers with flowers..

Barry's an old romantic ,he makes you feel special..

she deserves it though...


I'd have sent big Dom, fizz and Dennis to help with putting away the big shop...






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Great gesture from the club, good luck in your retirement. Hope she gets a ST for life after 50 years at the club.   


Saying that once every couple of weeks is hard work at the moment for me.


Well done Baz, he always seems to find time for this stuff..top man


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