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Alex Neil please

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14 minutes ago, Craig enock said:

Surely chansiri will get rid of Moore.  Alex Neil would be my choice . Strong leader with a no nonsense approach with some of our lads need 

We certainly could do worse than appoint Neil.

This isn’t scattergun panic kicking in.

Moore is watching Rome burn whilst literally fiddling with team selection and tactics.


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Not my first choice but might be good for us to implement some sort of identity on our club, I mean we’re so many games in and Moore still doesn’t know what his best team is and he sticking to things that clearly aren’t working. One example sticking with the same set piece taker, whilst achieving next to nothing. 

like I said in a different thread, as a spectator we can obviously identity little things going wrong yet the staff aren’t changing these simple things, so what are they actually watching ? 

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