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Songs from the 60’s and 70’s

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3 minutes ago, Busmansholiday said:

We had joy we had fun, we had XXXXXXX on the run, but the fun didn't last because the b*st*rds ran too fast.

(XXXXX =insert various teams).


Then there was one about the East Bank Republican Army I'm struggling to remember the words.

I can remember - East bank republican army wherever we go we fear no foe coz we are the EBRA,  

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10 minutes ago, sherlyegg said:

You're gonna get what man utd got..hello...hello..repeat.

(Ps could have been another club)


In the shoreham slums...

In the shoreham slums

They look in the dustbin for something to eat...

And find a dead cat and think its a treat.

In the shoreham slums...

It was you’re gunner get what Aston Villa got (outside kop at a night match)

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From the green green grass of Hillsborough to the Isles of Sicily 

We will fight fight fight for Wednesday til we win the football league.


To hell with Liverpool 

To hell with Man City

We’ll fight fight fight for Wednesday 

til we win the football league 

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Yellow Submarine song


We all live on a blue and white Kop

A blue and white Kop, a blue and white Kop


And our friends are all aboard 

Jim McCalliog and David Ford


Trouble is no one knew anymore words  so it just faded into a mumble 

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