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Darren Moore “we showed resilience today”

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29 minutes ago, Mr Meadows said:

Moore out

Moore is here to stay for the season at least not because Chansiri thinks he’s the man for the job but because DC will not want to pay the contracts up on Moore and his back room staff which will undoubtedly cost a few bob.

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49 minutes ago, flash said:

Saw someone mention on here that we have a 24% win rate under Moore!
For context we had 31% with Monk, 33% under Jos and Irvine was 40% who had all their games in the championship! 

He says we showed resilience tonight - I’ve showed resilience all season watching what he’s serving to us. Out of his depth! 

Would be a nice story if it was true. But it's not.



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58 minutes ago, Kopparberg said:


And some people genuinely thought it’d be fun being in this league. 

I didn't think that, but I don't think it has to be this bad.


We are well into the season now and we still haven't produced a good display over 90 minutes.


Tonight was another example of our inability to play well throughout the duration of a football match.


We are a team who play in moments. The reason we are doing ok in the table is because this is a poor division and many teams lack the ability to punish us. Funnily enough, two of the times we've been found wanting was against Plymouth and Oxford who are half decent. 


Moore will no doubt change the team on Saturday. Tbf, even if he sticks with the same team or decides to say go with what finished the game tonight, we will still likely churn out an inconsistent to poor display.

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It's a good job there are 15 teams with results even worse than us. 

It's the 3rd division. Any Sheffield wednesday team with a decent manager should be well into the top 6.

Players are making a bad manager appear better than he is. 

Give them a plan. 

Give them some direction. 

Give them a rollicking if necessary. 

Stop sugar coating everything. 


Beter still... Just go. 

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2 hours ago, TrickyTrev said:

The reason we had to show resilience is because we got ourselves into a mess against what was a very poor side.


We got ourselves into that position because of how the manager set the team up.

absolutoey spot on!! The first 45 was a shambles. 

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Compare and contrast this L1 side with that of the Megson/Jones season. Not a lot to choose in terms of quality. I find it strange that Moore sites resilience as one of our strengths  when in fact the exact opposite is the truth. Lliera, Jones and Johnson would all bust a gut a both ends of the pitch to get on the end of something. You could fault all three for their artistry but they all gave everything every minute of every game. Megson knew we were a little short on craft and his demands cost him his job but that final week of his. He and the squad fed of each other the derby result and effort was an indelible marker laid down that paved the way for Jones.


Gimmicks yes; Yet the history and going to the top of the Kop and the run in Greno-woods were tools that got the show on the road. Moore just doesn't have that approach in his armoury so it seems, his bag of catch words and phrases aren't doing it for the players.


Taylor was the coach and Clough was the inspiration. I have no idea what is happening with Moore but one of those facets are missing, possibly both.     

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4 hours ago, Hoofit said:

Alternatively Darren how about “Hands up, I got it wrong & that was clear in our first half performance. I made changes & the lads who finished the match clearly upped their game too. In the end we gained a point but our poor start cost us 2. That’s unacceptable & it’s down to me to sort it, starting on Saturday. Our brilliant supporters deserve nothing less”


They would be creaming themselves on here if he said anything like that.  It would be a gift from God.  

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