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Darren Moore “we showed resilience today”

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1 minute ago, SiJ said:

Darren- part of the reason we end up on the back foot is because you treat all opposition like the second coming of Pep's Barca.

Dont think its that, he just has no game plan, or one that works.

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It’s not going to get any better with Moore, there is nothing I’ve seen in 13 games so far that gives me hope of improving performances. There is even less I have heard from him that makes me think there’ll be improvement either 

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2 minutes ago, Hoofit said:

Alternatively Darren how about “Hands up, I got it wrong & that was clear in our first half performance. I made changes & the lads who finished the match clearly upped their game too. In the end we gained a point but our poor start cost us 2. That’s unacceptable & it’s down to me to sort it, starting on Saturday. Our brilliant supporters deserve nothing less”

Absolutely correct - this is the sort of language that gets the fans behind the team. He seems to me to be a very ineffective leader and that’s not a good trait to have as a football manager 

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