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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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The winger situation is a little bonkers, can’t see QPR & Wolves being happy with the situation. It seems he’s recruited all summer for a 4231 & abandoned that after 10 games. 

I personally do prefer the 352 Moore is using but I do think Palmer as a CB is a weakness along with not having a proper 6 in midfield. 

Pressure is on tonight to pick up a win.

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Just now, TheEnchanter said:

We had our good performanxe this week against Wimbledon. Be prepared for Jekyll and Hyde Wednesday to return. 


I'd probably take a point here if offered. 

Who is this Hyde chap? 


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2 minutes ago, Adepizza said:

I think the gamble of the night is not who we play in goal or what formation we play, but do I shell out £10 for iFollow?!  😬

I've took the plunge.


Got to watch it on my phone as my laptop is broke.


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