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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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3 minutes ago, Silkstone Owl said:

Performance based on table position suggests we’re doing okay.  I’m not particularly happy with performances but it’s league one and effort sorts the men out from the boys....it’s a slog of a league...


Genuinely though who are you comparing Moore to when you say worst manager?




Monk post January 2019??




IMO all those above were far worse than what Moore is doing at the mo 

You’re actually being serious aren’t you?……And theres me thinking you were joking 🤦‍♂️

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1 minute ago, S25OWL said:

Sunderland Ipswich and Plymouth going to be the ones fighting for them autos - we aren’t going to to get anywhere near these 3 the way they are scoring for fun now with mr negative Moore 🤬

we are mid table at best.

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